Women's Empowerment

"In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Program Overview

The Ladies of Atmiya Sparsh are actively involved in the community, striving to raise awareness for the need of accomplishment and a heightened self-awareness in ones life. They are engaged in the cultural and societal upliftment of other girls and women under the guidance of mentor female volunteers. They console, counsel, resolve family discords, and inspire ideals of love, harmony, mutual understanding and compromise with the underlying basis of Atmiyata. This has resulted in reduced disagreements in the community and increased harmony among family units.

Social Work

Our female volunteers arrange social help for needy families. It also supports activities that aim to provide females with being independent and self-sufficient. All of our female volunteers and staff are dedicated and committed to every program offered by Atmiya Sparsh. They play a very critical role in the execution of many of the programs offered.