Senior Care

"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors."
― Tia Walker

Program Overview

Seniors are an integral part of our community and too often they are neglected or under active. At Atmiya Sparsh we encourage and honour our seniors by providing various engaging activities and programs; our aim is to relieve conditions and needs associated with old age and to ease the effects of aging. Generally speaking we would like to assist in improving their quality of life by responding to personal, social and emotional needs. Examples of some of these programs are:

1) Drop-in social centre for the elderly which will be open regularly during the week, so that seniors can drop in anytime to chat with friends, playing chess, reading newspaper, informal Yoga classes, etc.

2) Various social, cultural and recreational programs for seniors to allow them to socialize with other seniors in order to relieve their feeling of loneliness and isolation. Examples of programs include: arts and crafts programs; education programs, such as language learning and computer literacy; fitness programs; game programs, etc

3) Helping seniors to access/learn computers, newspapers, Internet, etc. to allow them to cope with issues related to aging and other needs of the aged.

4) Collect items for the homeless, such as blankets, clothing, essential necessities;

5) Operating food drives for the poor;

6) Visiting the sick in hospitals or the elderly in nursing homes;

7) Participating in meals on wheels programs for shut-ins and the elderly;

8) Helping low-income persons with serious illness to seek medical help that is not covered by government health care coverage; and

9) Collecting donations for victims of disasters (such as earthquake, tsunami, etc.) on an as-needed basis and providing them to other Canadian registered charities or qualified donees that operate programs helping these victims.