Health & Wellness Care

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"
– Mahatma Gandh

Program Overview

Sound Body and Sound Mind…Prevention is Better than the Cure

Sound body and sound mind is something that we all try to achieve. Atmiya Sparsh promotes various Health related events and workshops ranging from blood donation, medical education and expert forums and yoga and meditation classes. All of these programs are offered under our Health Day event.

Our goal is to promote and raise awareness of health related issues surrounding the communities. "Prevention is Better than the Cure" is the slogan.

The event has speakers who discuss current health issues, followed by a question-answer session where individuals can have a one-on-one session with experts. We also have various exhibitors where people can visit and gather information and ask further questions.

Special events and functions, e.g. health promotion and wellness training activities; health promotion and wellness training seminars for seniors on various relevant topics, e.g. seminars on common issues of health and wellness, general knowledge of medications and diseases in old age, food and nutrition, physical fitness and exercises, healthy life-style and special interest talks.

Health education seminars are arranged annually and various health organizations are invited to present and set up information booths, conduct on-site screening tests, blood drives, bone marrow registration and general Ministry of Health educational information is provided; and hosting free yoga and meditation classes for members of the community.