Community Care

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." – Paul Ryan

Program Overview

Atmiya Sparsh focuses by caring for others in the community to offer them assistance, support and encouragement. Often people just need someone to listen to them and some level of interaction where ones value is appreciated. Atmiya Sparsh caters to all age groups – ranging from children to seniors. Below are various examples of some of the programs offered at the centre:

1) Informal one-on-one counselling sessions with individuals or families to work out difficult situations. For example, loosing ones job, serious illness or death in the family, marriage breakdown, and parent-child communication improvement;

2) Provide the ability to drop-in at the centre at anytime for the elderly (and anyone else) provide them with reading materials, CD’s, volunteers to talk to them, provide light refreshments, etc.;

3) Provide assistance for settlement to new immigrants who need housing, interpretation, language training and job seeking preparation;

4) English as a Second Language workshops and seminars offered to the community and attended by non-Indian descendants as well – teachers are volunteers who are qualified professional teachers;

5) Informal citizenship preparation assistance to all of the community;

6) Employment education offered by way of Networking and Career assistance events;

7) Resume writing and preparation, interview training, oral communication skills and job hunting preparedness assistance to the community as a whole;

8) Used Clothing Drive - distribute clothes to needy and poor people.