Atmiya Sparsh is a division of Yogi Divine Society Canada, a trusted Hindu spiritual and humanitarian charitable organization founded and inspired by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swami Maharaj. With its vast network of centres and volunteers world wide, the organization has enabled hundreds of thousands of children, youth and families to lead a happy, harmonious, and purposeful life.

Atmiya Sparsh’s mission is a simple one…Devoted to empowering one self, family, society and nation by providing an environment to cultivate and ignite one’s true purpose through vital community and outreach programs.

Program Overview

Atmiya Sparsh serves the global community alongside organizations and people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Atmiya Sparsh functions as a community centre that offers a wide array of outreach programs, as well as seminars, workshops, social events and recreational competitions. These are tailored to seniors, families, youth and children however suitable. In addition, Atmiya Sparsh also partners with various local community based charities to provide a greater reach of its programs and services and vice-versa. These undertakings inspire a positive destination, discipline and integrity of character. Atmiya Sparsh is an integral part of the community, strengthening both cultural and communal ties.

The most valuable asset of Atmiya Sparsh is its’ 500 committed and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers’ range from honour public school students to accredited professionals from all disciplines and wise elders. This team volunteers their precious time to Atmiya Sparsh’s efforts; each volunteer is selfless and humble to the core. Our volunteers are the strength of our programs and activities, which is how we are able to deliver a wide array of services to the community.